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Clothing and Accessories - Boys

Select from the clothing and accessories categories to narrow down your search for items you would like to add to your Wardrobe. When you are finished with your intitial selection, go to your Wardrobe to select the Perfect Outfit.

The Kleider Schrank. The Wardrobe.

The place where you keep the things that make you look your best. With the right wardrobe you can master every situation.

Welcome to the ultimate fashion challenge! Explore real clothing photos, showcase your styling skills, and create perfect outfits for various themes. Whether with friends at events or solo browsing, our fashion game is the ideal way to spend your free time. Unleash your creativity, craft stunning looks, and become the ultimate fashionista at The Kleider Schrank!

The Origin Story

A few years ago, while on vacation with my family in the Normandy region of France, my wife and two daughters created a game. They would think of a fashion theme and would search various fashion websites to find the perfect outfit to match that theme. They would make screenshots of the clothing that they liked best and, when they were finished, they would compare the groups of screenshots that they had made. As a dad, I was glad that they found something that they had fun doing, but I thought that there had to be a better way to do it.

As a hobby, I recently took a couple of programming classes and this website is the result. I hope that you can also enjoy the experience, but this is mostly just something that a dad made for his wife and daughters.

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